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Comet is a web application driven by its unique career pathways engine. Central to the Comet model is its Village communities, each one representing an industry or career. Villages give members a place to start their discovery journey when they may have no professional contacts or even idea what they want to do.

By sharing information and interacting, students, educators and employers can make more informed decisions about each other and be confident in their decision making.

“3 years of experiments, failures, triumphs, lessons and hard work have gone into creating Comet, our greatest achievement yet.”
- John E Collins

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Career Lounge

CareerLounge Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, AUS
Established: 2008
Size: 15+ employees
Career Lounge


Our mission – to equip and inspire every young go-getter with what they need to succeed.

Designed with love for: Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
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Comet is the career navigation tool designed for the ambitious. Discover course and job opportunities on your professional journey as you make industry contacts and grow your skill set.

Navigate your career path with Comet…