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Not too long ago, Comet was just an idea. Frustrated with the ineffective channels of communication between students, employers and educators, the need for a comprehensive and holistic space for students to access career based information became apparent to Comet founder, John Collins.

John and co-founder Dominique Fisher are steering Comet to new heights, with over forty industry Villages providing worlds of unique opportunities for Comet members. Comet is the ultimate navigation tool. To learn more about our product, click below...

our story
"When we finish school, we are all bombarded with that question "so what are you going to do now?" Comet arms you with the right information to be able to consider your choices with confidence."
- John E Collins

the founders

  • Nicole Pogue
  • Ciaran Nolan
  • Clare Thomas
  • Will Batrouney
  • Giovanni Ferron
  • Jay Lynch
  • Alex Kempton
  • Patrick Borgeest
  • Samantha Simpson
  • Peta Stockdale
  • Beverly Goh
  • Peter Collins
  • Nisrine Dendane
  • Saskia Milledge

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​Comet is a CareerLounge Pty Ltd product. CareerLounge Pty Ltd is a privately owned company supported by a highly experienced Advisory Board, chaired by The Hon. Alan Stockdale.

  • Alan Stockdale
  • Don Clarke
  • Mike Tierney
  • Paul Sundberg
  • Gavin Campion
  • Jo Fisher
  • Adam Hounsell
  • Adam Jacoby
  • Tyron Ball
  • Kate O'Sullivan
  • Brett Coventry
  • Richard Miller


Our mission – to equip and inspire every young go-getter with what they need to succeed.

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Comet is the career navigation tool designed for the ambitious. Discover course and job opportunities on your professional journey as you make industry contacts and grow your skill set.

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